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Jet Black Designer Style Allover Symmetric Sequins Embroidery Gown Suit swt5109


Wine Simple Anarkali Style Thread Nakshi Embroidered Suit swt5105


Alice Blue Anarkali Style Glitter cord Asymmetric Embroidered Suit swt5103


Antique White Anarkali style Floral Gown Suit swt5101


Bottle Green Elegant Anarkali Style Symmetric Sequins Embroidered Gown Suit swt5102


Dark Khaki Anarkali Style Thread Embroidery Suit swt5106


Gold Anarkali Style Front Slit Symmetric Sequins Embroidered Suit swt5104


Honey Dew Anarkali Style Allover Thread Embroidery Suit swt5108


Pale Violet Red Designer Anarkali Jacket Style Gown Suit With Embroidery swt6806


Black Designer Allover Sequins Embroidered Gown Style Anarkali suit swt6808


Dark Green Designer Floral Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Jacket swt6804


GoldenRod Gown Style Anarkali Suit With Heavy Dori Embroidery Work swt6803


Grainsboro Gown Style Anarkali Suit With Heavy Dori Embroidery Work swt6805


Light Beige Designer Style Heavy Dori Embroidered Lehenga Suit swt6807


Light Azure Straight cut Glitter Cord Embroidered Palazzo Suit vl4578


Mustard Gold Straight cut Glitter Cord Embroidered Suit with Stone work vl4573


Medium Aqua Marine Glitter Cord Embroidered Straight cut Palazzo Suit vl4571


Dark Blue Straight cut Palazzo Suit with Glitter Cord Embroidery vl4572


Dark Cyan Glitter Cord Embroidered Straight Cut Pant Suit vl4575


Pink Net Straight cut Palazzo Suit with Glitter Cord Embroidery vl4576


Crimson Red Pakistani Jacket Style Cord Embroidery Pant Suit vl4592


Black Pakistani Jacket Style Gold Cord Embroidery Palazzo Suit vl4594


Wheat Pakistani Jacket Style Gold Cord Embroidery Pant Suit vl4596


Floral White Glitter Cord Embroidered Straight cut Palazzo Suit with Jacket vl4570


Dark Turquoise Glitter Cord Embroidered Slit Cut Suit vl4577


Dark Pink Glitter Cord Embroidered Straight cut Suit with Jacket vl4574


Snow White Front Slit Cut Anarkali Suit with Cord embroidery vl4597


Teal Pakistani Style Gold Cord Embroidered Suit vl4595


Pale Turquoise Pakistani Style Glitter Chord Embroidered Suit vl4598


Dark Blue Pakistani Style Anarkali Suit with Cord Embroidery Suit vl4591


What is Salwaar Kameez ?

Salwar kameez (also shalwar kameez and less commonly shalwar qameez) is a traditional combination dress worn by women and men in some regions of South Asia and Central Asia.
The salwar is pants that are atypically wide at the waist but narrow to a cuffed bottom. They are kept up by a drawstring or an elastic band, which allows them to be folded around the waist.

A modest Indian woman’s dress is considered more of a day-to-day dress than a high-end fashion dress that serves the purpose of functionality, and we rarely consider it a trendy and state-of-the-art dress. But in fact, a beautiful designer, salwar kameez, is the ultimate ethnic dress that can bring out the soft and delicate graceful characteristics of women that can’t be expected from the adoption of western dress.

Patel Brothers tend to persist culturally ingrained and thus emphasizes and encourage the salwar kameez as one of India’s leading women’s dresses. Almost no fashion dress can do homage to the trendy Indian Girl look like a salwar kameez fashion.

Roots of Salwaar Kameez

Salwar suits have a rich cultural past. Salwar kameez is a traditional dress that originated in South Asia and was commonly worn by women from East Pakistan and the Punjab region of Northwest India. Due to the versatility and user-friendliness of such an outfit, its growth has been fuelled to spread to other parts of India. The typical Punjabi or Salwar Kameez suit consists of a pair of loose-fitting pants called the Salwar; a short tunic named the Kameez and a long scarf recognized as the Dupatta.

Well with the flow of time and the convergence of fashion and clothes, the new designer salwar kameez came into being, representing a beautiful combination of elegance and comfort, and storming the regional and international fashion sphere.

Buy salwaar Kameez online

Patel Brothers designer Salwar Kameez collection gives you a whole new selection of trendy and elegant clothes that you’ve never seen before. The designs seamlessly combine Indian and western styles to create soft and elegant Anarkali gowns, floor-length Anarkali, pant style Anarkali, straight cut salwar suits, palazzo suits,  multi-layered Anarkali suits, the jacket style Anarkali, asymmetrical Anarkali, and many more.

Each and every salwar kameez saw on this shopping portal is the product of careful design, master craftsmanship, and intricate needlework, making the beautiful and exquisite embroideries and embellishments that finally adorn the kameez and enhance its elegance. At Patel Brothers, the salwar kameez line ranges from gentle and trendy official wears to stunning and opulent party wears that are at the same time super fashionable and relaxed. There is a large selection of formal palazzo suits, pant suits, and churidars for today’s fashionable working women, and a multitude of ethnic Punjabi Suits, Pakistani salwar Kameez and Anarkali suits for these traditional ceremonies and events. Buy salwar kameez online at, one of the well-stocked online shopping sites for the new traditional outfits, when it comes to updating and enhancing the ethnic range in your wardrobe.