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Jet Black Designer Style Allover Symmetric Sequins Embroidery Gown Suit swt5109


Wine Simple Anarkali Style Thread Nakshi Embroidered Suit swt5105


Alice Blue Anarkali Style Glitter cord Asymmetric Embroidered Suit swt5103


Antique White Anarkali style Floral Gown Suit swt5101


Bottle Green Elegant Anarkali Style Symmetric Sequins Embroidered Gown Suit swt5102


Dark Khaki Anarkali Style Thread Embroidery Suit swt5106


Gold Anarkali Style Front Slit Symmetric Sequins Embroidered Suit swt5104


Honey Dew Anarkali Style Allover Thread Embroidery Suit swt5108


Pale Violet Red Designer Anarkali Jacket Style Gown Suit With Embroidery swt6806


Black Designer Allover Sequins Embroidered Gown Style Anarkali suit swt6808


Dark Green Designer Floral Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Jacket swt6804


GoldenRod Gown Style Anarkali Suit With Heavy Dori Embroidery Work swt6803


Grainsboro Gown Style Anarkali Suit With Heavy Dori Embroidery Work swt6805


Light Beige Designer Style Heavy Dori Embroidered Lehenga Suit swt6807


Crimson Red Pakistani Jacket Style Cord Embroidery Pant Suit vl4592


Snow White Front Slit Cut Anarkali Suit with Cord embroidery vl4597


Teal Pakistani Style Gold Cord Embroidered Suit vl4595


Pale Turquoise Pakistani Style Glitter Chord Embroidered Suit vl4598


Dark Blue Pakistani Style Anarkali Suit with Cord Embroidery Suit vl4591


Bottle Green Designer Slit Cut Embroidered Lehenga Suit with Sequins Work swt6510C


Dark Blue Net Designer Slit Cut Embroidered Lehenga Suit with Sequins Work swt6510B


Black Net Designer Slit Cut Embroidered Lehenga Suit with Sequins Work swt6510A


Dark Pink Designer Flared Embroidered Gown suit swt6506C


Black Designer Flared Embroidered Gown suit swt6506B


Burly Wood Designer Flared Embroidered Gown suit swt6506A


Light Aquamarine Net Designer Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Jacket swt6501C


Misty Rose Net Designer Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Jacket swt6501B


Light Green Net Designer Embroidered Anarkali Suit with Jacket swt6501A


Black Net Designer Floor Length Embroidered Anarkali suit swt6512


Dark Slate Gray designer slit cut embroidered lehenga suit with Thread work swt6508


Anarkali Suits, Dresses, and Gown Online

They are one of the most loved salwar kameez ensembles, worn by the women of Indian, South East Asian, and Muslim communities. In fact, the majestic flared style is so popular that women from other cultures and countries also like wearing this flared style. This dress style comprises of 3 separates – a fitted and flared long kurta/ top-wear, a churidar bottom, and a dupatta/ stole.

Anarkali, literally meaning the supple, delicate buds/seeds of the stunning, scarlet pomegranate fruit, actually gets its beautiful name from the legendary courtesan and dancer (by the same name), who shook the higher echelons of the Mughal court of the great emperor Akbar – with her grit, courage and undying love.

Thus, this elegant ethnic dress style finds its roots in the Mughal and Persian cultures. It is incidentally also the costume associated with Nawabs and other royals. Anarkali – as we see them today – are also greatly inspired by the Abayas – a cloak-like dress separate worn by women in Middle Eastern countries and Muslim culture. These are extremely elegant apparels – which are often long, ankle-length, and act as cover-ups. Achkan and Sherwani are worn by men in these cultures also bear some influence on this modern-day flowing silhouette.

The regal long, frock-style cut is also significantly related to Indian culture, Indian folklore, and classical dances. The Indian Angarakha (a flared kurta silhouette) is quite similar to Anarkalis. Angarakhas were initially worn only by the men in ancient India. In this traditional silhouette, the right part of the garment overlaps the left and is then tied. Flared Angarakhas, worn by courtesans and dancers, later became quite popular – and present-day Anarkali Kurta is a cut quite similar to that. However, the overlapping layers are not essentially present in all of these trendy dresses. Indian classical dance Kathak, especially its Lucknow chapter, is also integrally associated with frock-style kurtas and designs. Even the male dancers, sometimes, wear dance costumes, inspired by this style.

Long flowing Anaarkalee kurtas are making waves in the Indian ethnic fashion for quite a few seasons now. You will get innumerable styles, colors, and designs in Anarkali suits on In fact, this is our top-selling segment, and that is why we make sure, there always are new designs in these catalogs.

Varieties of Anarkali Dresses Online

Floral Anarkali dresses 

The latest range of floral Anarkali dress looks trendy as well as somewhat casual, which makes them perfect for semi-formal as well as fun, lighter occasions.

Floor-length Dresses (Long Anarkali Suits)

– The latest avatar of this much-loved style is the floor-length suit that is quite like an evening gown. Thus, many also call them the Indian gowns. Paired with slim trousers or churidars, these amazingly regal ensembles – with their waist-length bodices and flared skirts – are perfect for formal occasions, weddings, parties, and festivities. In fact, if you style this trend well, you will feel as if you are wearing a splendid lehenga choli. This is a versatile style, and you will get a huge variety in this on

Lehenga Anarkali Suits

– Season’s hottest lehenga suit is ruling the bridal and designer runways. You can choose this smart and chic style to own any occasion. Catch the limelight wherever you go – at your own wedding reception or sangeet or at a friend’s wedding. The long, flowy silhouette, paired with a billowing lehenga, makes for a great choice for slim and skinny women, while a more structured, Jodhpuri jacket style, paired with a modest, kalidar lehenga is form-flattering for women of all body shapes. These ethnic ensembles are versatile and can be paired with other bottoms and tops too.

Generally made in flowy, fluid fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, laser, blends of the same nature, silk blends, etc. – the frock-style cuts are very feminine and flattering. However, at, you will find Anarkalees and floor-length apparel in all fabrics – suitable for all occasions, pockets, and seasons. Cotton ones are, incidentally, great for summers, as they are loose-fitting, breezy, cool, and comfy. ships to all major countries worldwide, including all Middle Eastern and African countries, US, UK, all across Europe and Australia. Shipping is free for delivery within India. You get a customization and tailoring facility, which ensures that you get your garment ready-to-wear.